Something New This Year

Something New This Year

Thanks to Covid-19 I have given myself the biggest and longest excuse and had not been posting here during the whole Year of 2020! As holiday traveling access was banned almost in every country, moving around districts has no longer as easy as it seems. As I am writing this, many states in my country are under lockdown and moving around is unbearable!

Today, I have decided to do the first posting for 2021 to share something new that I learned at the beginning of the year. Living in the age of early thirties, I am not proud to say I am still searching and looking for my passion. Ain’t everyone is doing the same thing? Maybe you may have found yours or maybe you are still discovering it like me? But it doesn’t matter if you have found it or not, as long as you are doing what you love and love what you do! Then you are living your life!

However, as you grow older, you will eventually discover what you are passionate about, what you love to do for a living, and find your ‘ikigai‘ – something you love to do, you are good at, the world needs it, and you can be paid for. But the question is – how long will you need to go on the searching path?

I remember when I was 17, out of nowhere, I told my parents that I wished to be a Chinese cuisine chef. You know, those big guys with a very tall white hat, tossing their wok, hide inside the kitchen? Asian parents being Asian, we as children only have three choices – a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. Haha…or at least a degree from the university for my case. Well, I thought since I could not pursue food-related studies, I did the second thing I loved – Money!! Hahaha.

Fast forward to 2020, though I have a decent career now and manage to pursue my hobby, I am still curious about the thing I was called upon to do. And one day, I stumbled upon this character profiling talk called UCMHP. I am socially awkward and big seminars with plenty of people around are definitely not my thing, Since this talk is going to be conducted online, I still went in skeptically.

I was fortunate enough during this briefing my birthdate was chosen to be read and interpreted. And to my surprise, the speaker was able to spell out my character without even knowing me! What makes me more curious about his reading was “How did he do that?” He would even tell me something that I do not know myself! Which I think is pretty awesome!

Trust me, this is not about fortune-telling, there are no cards, no survey forms, no crystal balls, no questionnaires. Yes, remember one of those team-building sessions profiles you into animals and decide whether you were a lion, a St. Bernard, eagle, or something? Nope, nothing like that. This profiling method is based solely on numbers and nothing but your birthdate, and massive research results. Some of you might think this is something like numerology, well, in my opinion, yes, but more than that. This means it can also tell the character of infants – what are their strengths, weaknesses, behavior, career path that suit them, and more!

After learning about this methodology, my afterthought was “I wished I knew about this 10 years earlier”. But it is still not too late after you know it.

Well, a disclaimer here, this is solely an expression of my experience and not a form of promotion or marketing article (I would be more than happy if you wish to sponsor my site..hahaha..). The purpose of me sharing this article is because I have experienced something good through this profiling methodology and I feel that everyone should know this too! (Especially parents concerning what to pave for their children’s career path). This UCMHP methodology is not the only methodology I would presume, but it can definitely complement so many other methodologies.

Think of it as a “weather forecast” of your life. If you knew it is going to rain tomorrow, you can decide whether you will be prepared for it or totally avoid it.

Stay Safe and stay sane people ! Happy 2021!

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