3 ways how to set your 2021 resolutions

3 ways how to set your 2021 resolutions

Well, this post might come a little too late for those of you who have already had yearly resolutions. Congratulations to those who already executing their resolutions and working well. For some of us here, we might not even have a resolution or are still working on one. Whatever situation you may be in, here are three ways you can set your 2021 resolution effectively. Let’s go.

Firstly, let’s be real, the current pandemic situation is not looking good even during the first month of the year. And in my opinion, it is not going to be any better in the meantime. Now that we are heading to the second month, you may want to eliminate some unrealistic accomplishments planned earlier.

1) Avoid resolutions that are not feasible during this pandemic period that might put you into risky situations. For example, you may want to strike off resolutions like – Travel to at least 3 foreign countries, climb the Everest mountain, attempt scuba diving, or skydiving. The key to this pandemic year is survival, i.e. if you survive this pandemic, you win.

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Many will contemplate that why should they restrict themselves to achieve their goals, no one shall give any excuses. Yeah, and you are right, you should not have any excuses to go to the gym and build that abs. But hello. This is a totally different environment we are talking about! It’s a virus invasion! Unless building that piece of muscle could give you immunity or it is much more precious than your own life. All I am saying is that have goals that are realistic and suit this pandemic period. For example, instead of going to the gym, you might opt to workout at home.

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Next, you should 2) set your resolutions with statements that are precise and trackable. Monitoring is the key factor in accomplishing any goals. That’s why large corporation always has their quarterly, monthly, or even bi-weekly reports to monitor their P&L movements and business targets. It is the same for your resolutions as well! Therefore, you need to answer these two questions when setting your goal statements, i.e. what are you achieving, and how would you know if you are progressing. For example, to reduce my debt mortgage by another $20,000 by end of 2021 or to reduce weight to 70kg by June 2021. See?

One thing I would highly recommend you to perform your tracking is by using Bullet Journal (a.k.a. BuJo) – an amazingly effective way to monitor progress which I am currently using as well. If you are interested, you may check out all the wonderful and creative bujo ideas here!

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3)Your resolutions should also make you feel happy. The meaning of happy here is not about indulging, it is about making you become a better person. Avoid putting goals like “having 10 buckets of ice-creams with 10 different flavors”. Well unless you have a great calories-burning resolution associated with it, otherwise gaining extra weight is definitely not something you truly wish for. Try to include goals that improve various aspects of your life, i.e. personal growth, financial freedom, self-care, family, relationship, career, wealth, and so on. This may help you to create an all-rounder year resolution, and once you achieve them all, you will definitely feel great and accomplished!

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Last but not least, a bonus tips to your resolution making, it has to be dynamic. Meaning, you can amend it or change it as you are progressing. For instance, if the pandemic situation is better off later and you are allowed to go outdoor or traveling is permitted, you might want to add extra goals to your resolutions. Or if you find the targets that you set earlier were a little too high, you can adjust it to a lower target. Remember, the key here is to motivate yourself to be a better person, as long as you are progressing and better off than the yester-you!

Hopefully, my tips here are getting you moving as we are marching into February 2021. Be positive and keep motivating yourself – remember survival is key during this pandemic situation!

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