[2022] Dinner at OLD CHINA CAFE, Petaling Street KL

[2022] Dinner at OLD CHINA CAFE, Petaling Street KL

The Venue

This restaurant is located right in the middle of KL tourist spot where Four Points hotel is just right at the corner. This place is vibrant and happening with lights at night. If you are absolutely craving Nyonya cooking or an authentic Malaysian grandma’s cooking, then OLD CHINA Cafe is definitely the place to be. Not to mention their ambiance that will time-travel you back into the fifties.

The Food

Here, we ordered their most recommended blue pea-flower Nasi Lemak that comes with curry chicken (MYR 16.90). The portion is quite wholesome and their rice is super fragrant, curry chicken is absolutely scrumptious and coconut-y. Yummy. This is a must-try item on the menu.

Then we ordered this Roselle flower tea (洛神花茶 MYR 8.90) its so refreshing and I have never had this beverage before. You can even eat the flower petals in the glass as well! Crunchy!

This is Nyonya Belacan Fried Rice (MYR 16.90), this is a rather spicy fried rice served with Nyonya fried chicken. You may ask for a less spicy version or switch the rice to non-spicy Chinese fried rice.

The Ultimate Nyonya Laksa is definitely is must-try as well. If you are a fan of noodles, you have got to get this! This super rich coconut-y Nyonya laksa broth took my soul away. It comes with a big prawn, chicken meat, long beans, beans sprout, tofu puff, and half a boiled egg. SO GOOD. And you can either go with the choice of yellow noodles or rice vermicelli.

The Menu

There are many varieties of choice like Mee Siam, Snacks & Appetizers, Nyonya desserts, etc. You may find the menu on this website.


The overall experience is great and cozy. I would say this is my comfort food and the price is reasonable given the location of this restaurant and the ambiance is nostalgic. After our meal, there are plenty of sightseeing places around the vicinity.

You can stroll around Petaling street or Kwai Chai Hong (literally translate as little ghost lane), where you can enjoy the lighting and beautiful settings.

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More info

Click this link here for Google Map direction. Opening hours are from 11 am – 10 pm everyday.

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