SENSEN Sushi by DON DON DONKI Sunway Pyramid!

SENSEN Sushi by DON DON DONKI Sunway Pyramid!

I hope you haven’t had lunch yet, because if you did, you’re in for a real treat (and a little more hungry). Recently discovered this amazing new Sushi place and was overly excited to tell everybody about it. I felt like I was holding out on the secret of the century. I’ve found a great place to get sushi that is just located inside Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.

It’s called SENSEN Sushi and is located first floor right by the ice skating rink. All you sushi lovers can rejoice. Not only you can shop for Japanese food, but you can also now enjoy freshly prepared meals as well in the restaurant. Bluefin Tuna Otoro and shrimp trio were my favorite choices on the menu. The sushi ingredients are claimed to be freshly freighted all over from Japan and served onto your plate!

One thing that makes this restaurant special is the ambiance and their friendly & efficient service. The furnishings were well placed and there is an assortment of decorations throughout the restaurant that can occupy any wandering eyes. Here are some of the sushi we have ordered:

1. Fresh Salmon sushi (RM5.80)

Look at the freshly sliced Salmon sushi

2. BlueFin Tuna Aburi (RM15.80), Chuka lidako (RM3.80), Chuka Hotate (RM4.80)

3. Ebi Trio (RM10.80), Kanikama Sushi (RM3.80)

4. Tamago Mentai Mayo (RM3.80)

Overall, the food at SENSEN is tasty and fresh. Given the price of the sushi here, they are much much reasonable compared with other sushi restaurants. Besides, the restaurant is quite new hence the service is great and the food is really fresh. It’s by far one of the best sushi places I would visit again and again. Treat yourself to some Japanese cuisine at SENSEN!

This is my view when queuing to enter the restaurant.

The staff is super polite and friendly and they keep the queue in order and organized manner. While waiting for our turn to be served, we sit on nicely lined-up chairs outside the restaurant.

Cute Wasabi design on the bench 😀

Head to SUNWAY PYRAMID Shopping Mall now and enjoy the freshest sushi you can have in KL!

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