Burgers Burgers

Burgers Burgers

Burgers have always been my favourite western food apart from all the chops and chips.

It is also quite a challenge and skillful thing in order to hold and eat a burger appropriately, so you minimise the messiness on your table.

You know, where the mayonnaise sauce would drip, pieces of lettuce would fall off, and sometimes you might end up eating the patty and the buns separately.

Here are some of the places I have been for burgers and quite like them. I could not give a proper comments on beef patties as I don’t take beef. (Sorry guys).

But you can lemme know in the comments below so we can share our food insights for all types of burgers – sharing is caring 🙂


This is one of the most famous burger restaurant ever in Malaysia, established since 2012 and the queue of getting their burgers has not been reducing!! I guess people tend to go back to myBurgerLab because their burgers are so good and they have a varieties of choices.

Satisfaction level : ♦♦♦♦

The special charcoal buns and freshly-made fries are definitely something I would die for. This one on the left is Ultraman Burger (Salted-yolk Chicken – no longer serving this T.T) & Bulbasaur Burger (Fried Chicken Thigh – RM17.50)…awe”my”gosh!!!

Satisfaction level : ??? (According to my friend, not bad lar..)

This one above is called Juicy Lucy, basically is a beef patty burger wrap with beef bacon. (RM24.90). You can make your meal a set with french fries/wedges/mash potatoes with a drink for an additional of RM7.80

MYBURGERLAB (a few outlets, Seapark, Sunway, OUG & Cyberjaya – checkout their locations here!)

Makchik Yunai Food Truck, TTDI

This one here is Makchik Yunai’s Burger Ayam Gunung Berapi (“Volcano Chicken Burger”), basically is burger with two fried chicken breast patty with cheese and lettuce (RM17.90). Well of course, they have the single patty and beef patty as well.

Satisfaction level : ♦♦♦♦

Me and my friend decided to conquer this humongous burger where there is no way one could fit it in their mouth. but it is super satisfying…Awe’gas’some!! Makchik Yunai runs a food truck business together with other truck business around TTDI area.


Address : 32, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur (Opens at 7pm)

That’s all for now. To more food to come! 🙂


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