Red Inn Hot Pot 红城客锅

Red Inn Hot Pot 红城客锅

Steamboat steamboat….

Finally, I got the time to write another post after so long!!

Got so much to share but time is not my best pal lately..haha..anyway check out this steamboat place – Red Inn Hot Pot 红城客锅!!!

Found this place very unique cause the interior and outside of the restaurant is unbelievable and that makes this place so special!! Well, you got to see it for yourself!!

Before you enter into this place for steamboat, make sure and double sure you make a reservation to guarantee yourself a table. This was my second attempt reserving before I successfully make the reservation. Hahaha..and that was like a week advanced.

You will be greeted by super friendly and polite staff. As it was our first time visiting, they even make the effort to explain each and every dish and what are the best sellers! And these are what we ordered!!

These were the first batch of food that came and after that, we were too busy eating to take pictures..hahha..

The restaurant is super cozy and they played the classical old chinese melody at the background which makes it even nicer.

Plus they have sessions allocated for all reserved customers. So there won’t be many people walking in and out of the restaurant soon after we begin eating.

They have 5pm – 8pm, 8pm – 11pm and 11pm to 2am sessions.

The bill came out to be around RM350++. For the five of us, I personally think that it is a little pricey but it’s worth it as we have enjoyed the ambiance and the service very much. Definitely worth a visit here.

And if you are planning to visit here for steamboat, make sure to order their homemade fish balls, meatballs. Probably not the meat slices. Hahah..personal opinion.

RED INN HOT POT  红城客锅 (Google Map)
124 Jalan Sultan Yussof
Ipoh, Perak
Phone for reservation (Whatsapp) : 6012-313 0124

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