July 2017

Indian Cuisines

Here are some of my favorite places for Indian food you can try next time!

1) Aunty Manju’s Home of Banana Leaf

This is one of the most happening Indian cuisine I have been – it is definitely the Home of Banana Leaf Aunty Manju’s!! When we reached there, we waited for about 5 minutes before seated. The food was so good, and it was my best Friday lunch ever!!

Here’s how a typical banana leaf meal will be served. First, they will place a clean sheet of banana leaf in front of you, then they will start to scoop and pour the side dishes for you, i.e. cucumbers, tofu, some vege, and potato. Next, the rice – indicate how much you want or they will keep scooping..haha..

Opps, forgot to mention we also ordered fried calamaris (sotong goreng), chicken vareval, and chicken 65 (fried chicken). Then, they will bring three types of curries, chicken curry, fish curry and dhall curry to go with your rice.

You can keep topping up your rice, papadum (the yellow chips), curries, and side dishes for free. If you wana top up the chicken or calamari, then you have to pay extra lar.. XD

After all these yummy banana leaf rice, you can either order rasum or sago drink (can’t remember what they call it) as dessert, or Bru Coffee or Masala Tea (spiced milk tea).

Each banana leaf serving is about RM9.00 per person, since we added other dishes it comes out to about an average of RM25.00 per person which is very reasonable! If you like banana leaf rice, you must give a visit to this place – they claim to have 18 types of roti (bread) to tryout!Read More »Indian Cuisines

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