Red Inn Hot Pot 红城客锅

Steamboat steamboat…. Finally, I got the time to write another post after so long!! Got so much to share but time is not my best pal lately..haha..anyway check out this steamboat place – Red Inn Hot Pot 红城客锅!!! Found this… Read More »Red Inn Hot Pot 红城客锅

Eat at Broga : Aquatic Sanctuary Restaurant

Aquatic Sanctuary, Broga 丰鱼粥食 Broga Hill – one of the infamous hill we use to climb during weekend getaway with friends and family. For me, Broga has better things to do than climbing mountains (Miley Cyrus – Climb)..haha..that’s right!! That’s… Read More »Eat at Broga : Aquatic Sanctuary Restaurant

Toriden, Isetan Lot 10 KL

TORIDEN Soul Healing Chicken-soup TORIDEN is one of the high-end restaurants I have been to after “The Tokyo Restaurant” which I have posted the “World Best Cheesecake” here. It is located on the same floor with the “World best cheesecake”… Read More »Toriden, Isetan Lot 10 KL

Love for Noodlessss V2.0

It’s been ages seen I last blogged my post, finally I am back!! I have so much food insights to share with you guys!! Remember my first blog on noodles? I thought of creating another post instead of updating the… Read More »Love for Noodlessss V2.0