V-Nest Health and Wellness, Ipoh

V-Nest Health and Wellness, Ipoh

So as I was bringing my mum and sister strolling for lunch places in Ipoh that day, mum was saying that the food in this restaurant must be very expensive. The restaurant was newly renovated and they sell mainly bird-nest product, a type of high-end traditional Chinese supplementary food.

I thought maybe we should give it a try and see how expensive it can be.

We were just at the right time to enjoy their “executive lunch” set and decided to went in. Believe me it was more than just ‘wow’ looking at their interior, super cozy and chillax.

Probably it was not famous yet, this place is quiet and so comfortable, staff are lightly occupied and when we look at the menu it turned out to be quite reasonable.

Here, they are promoting the benefits of consuming bird-nest

Well, we also ordered some other items which are not so high-end larr…haha..

Some tarts with bird-nest toppings

Blueberry sponge-cake with bird-nest topping

Bird nest stewed with Aloe Vera

and my ‘executive Fish & Chips lunch’ set, which is pretty good

Overall, I would say the food here is good but this is definitely a great place to chill and hang-out for tea or coffee, or better – Bird nest.



Address : 27, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening hours : Open 9am – 6pm everyday except Wednesday

That’s all for now. To more food to come!! Cheerss~~

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