Tryst Cafe – Indomee Platter

Tryst Cafe – Indomee Platter

So as I was browsing through Facebook and suddenly this big platter of Indomee post caught my attention, I was like where is this place?? I must EAT thisss!! For those who do not know what Indomee is?? OH MA GOSH!! Stop whatever you are doing right now!! Go buy a packet and try them. YOU WILL BE ADDICTED!!! I have warned you!!

But due to time constraint, lemme give you a heads up – Indomee is not your ordinary instant noodle!

Tryst cafe is not the only place that serve Indomee platter, but since this is the first one I saw, so headed there with a friend. The first time we went, we did not attempt the platter as it might be a little too big for the two of us. (Yea, we chicken-ed out), these were what we had instead.

Chicken chop Indomee with egg

and also we shared a brownie, which was pretty good.

Tryst Cafe is kinda hippy and nice place to chill, they also have other menus like pastas, coffees and cakes.

But I was not totally satisfied as I have not challenged the Indomee Platter – they called them the Mumbo Jumbo. So the second time, I went with two other friends and this time we ordered that monster!! The platter has four portions of noodle, four sunny-side up and four meat portion – grill chicken, lamb, chicken chop and rib eye. And also their homemade Indonesian spicy-hot chili!!! They are soooo gooooood!!!

Three of us could barely finish the platter but it was tooootally worth it (RM60). I will definitely come back for more Indomee or if anyone’s is craving for just a bowl, call me up! Haha..

TRYST CAFE (Facebook page)

Address : 74 Jalan SS15/4C, Subang Jaya 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (Google Map)

Opening Hours : Everyday 10 am to 1am, except Friday 4pm to 2am

Tel : 03-5887 2085

That’s all for now. To more food to come!! Cheers~

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