Toriden, Isetan Lot 10 KL

Toriden, Isetan Lot 10 KL

TORIDEN Soul Healing Chicken-soup

TORIDEN is one of the high-end restaurants I have been to after “The Tokyo Restaurant” which I have posted the “World Best Cheesecake” here. It is located on the same floor with the “World best cheesecake” restaurant and was introduced by one of my colleagues. (Thanks to her)

Well, it was a stressful day after work and Toriden has given me the most soul-healing food to charge again the next day. Wanna know more what Toriden has to offer? Keep scrolling!!

Eatingg Timeee…

The minute I stepped into the restaurant, I was greeted with super polite waitress and the elegant interior decorations which you can generally feel that this restaurant will have an awesome chicken delicacy to offer. And true enough, their best seller – the ‘soul-healing’ chicken soup steamboat, each person will cost roughly about RM90 – RM120.

At the first course of the steamboat, we were served with a pot of chicken soup that was believed have been broiled for more than 10-hours. What’s inside the chicken soup is more interesting – tender, soft and well-cooked chicken meat!! The chef will patiently serve them in a small dish, topped with spring onions. Yum yum..

After enjoying the chicken meat, the chef continued to cook the rest of the vegetables in the soup – cabbage, green leaves, carrots, tofu, mushrooms. Then, he balled some pork balls into the soup…yum yum… The waitress is so nice to refill my bowl when I have finished my food..(so touched)..

That’s not all!!!

Then, after we have all finished the food in the steamboat pot, the left-over soup is not wasted into the kitchen sink. The chef will bring out a bowl of cooked rice and cook it in the soup to make it – CHICKEN PORRIDGE!!!! The taste is so unimaginably goooood with the chicken, pork and vege essence…AW-GAS-SOME!!! To add more gist to it, a bowl of beaten egg is drizzled into the porridge and AAWWW-MY-GAWWWD!!

Look look look look at the perfection!! This is ultimately the soul-healing chicken soup porridge!! You all must try thissss!!! This is definitely a place to pamper yourself and when you wanna look for something soupy and light.


Address: Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

Satisfaction level: ♦♦♦♦♦

That’s all for now!! Check out my other posts for more food orgasm!!

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