Eat at Broga : Aquatic Sanctuary Restaurant

Eat at Broga : Aquatic Sanctuary Restaurant

Aquatic Sanctuary, Broga 丰鱼粥食

Broga Hill – one of the infamous hill we use to climb during weekend getaway with friends and family. For me, Broga has better things to do than climbing mountains (Miley Cyrus – Climb)..haha..that’s right!! That’s EATTTT!!!

One of my friend introduced me to this place, a Chinese Restaurant, nothing fancy, but the food was yummy finger licking goood. It’s called the Aquatic Sanctuary or 丰鱼粥食 (Feng Yu Zou Shi) direct translation means Abundant Fish Porridge Delicacy, it is also sounds similar to a chinese proverb – 丰衣足食 (Feng Yi Zu Shi) means well fed and clothed.

Okay enough of that, now let’s look at what they have to offer…MENU please!!! They got Fish, Chicken, Meat (Pork), Vegetable, Drinks & beers. You can ask them the type of fish they have that day, below are the cooking methods listed in the menu:

  • Fish –  claypot porridge, deep fried, normal steamed, ginger paste steamed, nyonya-style steamed, etc
  • Chicken – ginger paste, yellow-wine, salted, cooking-wine (Hua-Tiao), sour, fried, bitter gourd dark soy, etc
  • Pork meat – Soy based pork broil with Yam (Wu Tao Kao Yuk), Dark Vinegar Pork Foot (Zhu Geok Xun), Fried Pork, Curry Wild Boar, etc

I was not very adventurous hence we just ordered below for the two of us, fish porridge, yellow-wine chicken, thai-style tofu, and a green vege. The dishes were awesome and these portions can easily feed three adults, again we are big eaters. hahahah XD


The contact details of the restaurant is as above, and make sure you give it a try when you climb the Broga Hill or just go there already. Hahah…


Satisfaction level : ♦♦♦♦

That’s all for now. Make sure to check out my other posts ya!!


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