3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary in Kuching, Sarawak – Part II

3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary in Kuching, Sarawak – Part II

Finally I am back to continue my last post of my 3 Days 2 Nights Itineray  Kuching trip, you can check out my Part I Itinerary here. Sorry for the long wait!! Hahhaa..


The next morning, we woke up rather early to start our adventure  and to eat all the good food Kuching has to offer. We woke up to this wonderful view from our room, thanks to Grand Margherita Hotel. Hahhaa..

Our first stop of course is to fill our belly with Sarawak Laksa at Chong Choon Cafe and their famous Three-layered Milk Tea. Yum yum. Another thing we noticed in all the eatery restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak which is different from Peninsular Malaysia is that all races could sit and eat under one roof, amazing Malaysia culture that we should be practicing!!

Their Sarawak Laksa is different from Penang Laksa where the latter is sour-spicy soup based with minty and ginger flower fragrant. Whilst Sarawak one is curry flavor soup based with rice noodle and slight milky taste topped with big prawns & chicken slices.

CHONG CHOON CAFE (Ideal for breakfast)

Address : 

Fairy Cave

After our energetic breakfast, we are prepared for our next adventure to the Fairy Cave, Bau which we drove about an hour there. Our objective is to concur both Fairy Cave and Wind Cave at Bau area. The entrance of Fairy cave collects RM2 from each citizen visitor, and we have to climb this gorgeous staircase to reach the cave mouth.

We spent about an hour or more climbing and exploring this cave, we also made some new friends. The experience climbing the Fairy Cave was rather pleasant and slightly adventurous, very suitable to those adventure seekers and make sure you are physically fit to climb steep staircase. Remember to prepare torchlight as well as drinking water to hydrate yourself while enjoy the cave view.

Wind Cave

Next, our destination was to visit the Wind Cave. This is not an ordinary cave that one would normally go visit, if you do not like bats please avoid going into this caves as there are thousands and thousands of bats inside this cave. Plus, the cave is pitch dark. Each visitor would have to register themselves at the reception area before visiting – you will be advised to bring a torchlight into this cave.

See how dark it is?? This is the main entrance and we couldn’t take any pictures inside. Flash light from the camera might trigger the bats, I am afraid. Hahaha…we were rushing out from the cave and the whole adventure ended in 15 minutes but it was a terrifying 15 minutes.

Victory pose!! (Beyonce single Lady)

The surrounding of the cave is rather peaceful and quiet, and definitely a spot on place to take pictures and listening to the sound of nature and tropical forest.

Blue Lake (Tasik Biru)

After terrifying ourselves in the black dark cave, we calm our heart down visiting theBlue Lake which was 4 minutes drive away. When we were about to reach the lake, we could see a big piece of blue colored football size field!!! And it is as blue as it’s name!!

Ain’t it magnificent??

Bako Seafood Restaurant

Did you hear our belly started to growl again?? Hahaha..it’s time for lunch ad!! This time, we wanted a really good seafood meal to pamper ourselves. We decided to pay a visit to the infamous Bako Seafood Restaurant. Yes, you guys must think that we are crazy because this restaurant is about an hour drive away!! Haha..yup, we will die for a good seafood meal!!

This simple restaurant is located behind the street where we parked, next to the river bank. We walked about 10 minutes and finally found it. As usual, the crowd was huge and waiter has no time to serve us, so we find our own seat.

We ordered what was recommended from the internet, and waited patiently while enjoying the view of fish village life. Hahaa.. see that dude there looking over the river sight? He’s my travel buddy and he’s visiting Kuching for the very first time. XD

Here come our dishes!!! First dish, Garlic fried Paku-pakis

Deep-fried Mantis Prawn

Steam-Prawn with Egg

Look at how amazingly fresh the prawn is….yum yum..

Soup ‘Sabak’ shell with fishballs

Fried seafood tofu

And two refreshing coconut drink…ahhhhh…

After our lunch, we stroll around the Bako village before heading back to Kuching town later that afternoon. After reaching at Kuching, we went to get one of their famous souvenirs : Layered-Cake (Kuih Lapis). We ride on a boat (“sampan”) with a small fee from our hotel to the opposite river bank and bought a few kuih lapis – Mira Cake House.

Strolling around Kuching Town

Our itinerary almost ended for the day, so we have decided to stroll around the China Street and shop for our souvenirs.

Dinner at Aladdin Chicken Rice Shop

As we start to feel tired and hungry from the strolling around we decided to fill our tummy at Aladdin Chicken Rice Shop. It was an ordinary chicken rice shop we drop by unplanned. Good but not great. haha…probably we were to tired already.

Day 3

Breakfast at China Street

Finally it reached our last day of trip, we had until afternoon before we need to board our flight at the Kuching Airport. We had Kolo Mee for breakfast at this place opposite a chinese temple, looks like a big hall with performing stage. They have pork satay, which is one of the delicacy that you must try (if you can), sold here during the afternoon.

Our last minute strolling and souvenirs hunting

Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company

For those who love coffee, we were told that this shop sells the best coffee bean in Sarawak. Their coffee beans ranged from Java Arabica, Sumatra Arabica, Colombia Supremo Arabica, Ethiopia Arabica, Sarawak Liberica, and etc. You can either order a shot for your morning coffee routine or buy a pack home as souvenir which they will blend into powder for you. Depends on the type of beans, they can range from RM14 to RM24 per 100gm.

Before heading to the Airport

Though we have just had our breakfast, I was craving for this Hakka-cuisine in Kuching – Lei Cha Rice. This restaurant is a home based business and has been serving Lei Cha Rice for many many years, this time when I came back, the house was fully renovated. Haha..they serve the best Lei Cha Rice.

That’s the end of our Kuching Trip, hope you have enjoyed reading this itinerary and hope it helps you a little in planning your next trip to Kuching. It was definitely a wonderful and amazing experience visiting this beautiful city.

Till next trip…See ya!!!

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