3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary Langkawi, Kedah

3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary Langkawi, Kedah

Hola, it’s the time again to go for a relaxing and shopping spree trip to Langkawi!! This place is definitely my favourite place to go given the beauty of the island and tax free heaven for chocolates and liquor!! It is as good as buying mineral water WTH!!! Hahha..

Anyway I will tell you how chillax my trip was and you can definitely take some of my two cents for your next Langkawi trip planning. Let’s go!!

Our stay

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We stayed at “Shell Out Chalet” which for us is kinda off-strategic place coz our main targets are cheap booze and chocolates (I was overwhelmed when making the booking, should do more research). However, the property itself is fantastic! We checked in rather late as we touched down around 9pm. The host left the key at the door and we checked in ourselves.

What’s more awesome to this property is not only that it’s near to Chenang Beach, Underwaterworld, there’s a laundry service and a mini market just right outside of the chalet. Want more awesome stuff? The host actually has a shared kitchen and free supplies of eggs which you can cook (my favourite thing to do!) Well, it is a saver for us as some of the breakfast places we tried around this chalet coz about RM20 (around USD5).

The host also provide useful tips and he is very friendly when we texted him for recommendations. If you are up for any water activities or tour package, the host might have some discounts for those who stay at this chalet. Awesome!!

Things we did at Langkawi

Day 1

1) Sky Cable & Sky Bridge

On our first morning, we headed to the most famous attraction – SkyCable and Sky Bridge! Well for anyone’s first time in Langkawi, this is a must! But for those who is afraid of height you may want to skip the SkyBridge.

The SkyCable opens at 10am and the crowd is unbelievable during holiday seasons. Highly recommend to go there as early as you can. We reached there around 11am and queued up for tickets (RM36 for a Malaysian adult, RM45 for a foreign tourist).

Then we did more queuing to ride the cable car 🚠 but once you got into it, the view was awesome!! Let the picture below speak for itself. The whole panoramic view of Langkawi is majestic! Never get tired of these.

Once we reached the top, there are two top viewing deck where you can take pictures of the beautiful scene (always remember to apply sunblock or bring umbrella). It’s so sunny when we were there, if you are lucky the visit can be pleasant with cloudy and windy sky.

Can you see Indonesia??

If you are planning to visit the Sky Bridge, it is advised that you buy the entrance ticket once you reached at the top of the SkyCable (yes, it’s not inclusive). There are two options to enter the Sky Bridge, a 15-min adventurous natural walk that cost RM5 or a hassle-free and effortless Sky Glider that cost you RM15. Obviously we took the first route as the crowd to the glider is tremendous 😂

2) 3D Art Museum

This attraction is included in the Sky Cable ticket and it’s definitely worth a visit!! The paintings on the walls are absolutely mind opening, and it will get you and the photographer to be creative to snap pictures that look real..haha..

Don’t eat me!!!

People can be overwhelming and excited in posing so be patient when they were at the best spot taking pictures.

3) Strolling along Chenang Beach

At the end day, we were rather tired but still curious to see how happening Chenang Beach would be at night. To my surprise, it was not as happening as I have expected like in other beach experience but rather calm and relaxing here. There were mini tables set along the beach where you can sit on the soft cooling sandy beach, order a drink or two, or perhaps a shisha along with some chilling music playing on. It is definitely the best place and time where your girlfriend would say yes to anything you said. (No guarantee…hahaha)

Day 2

4) Under Water World

This is our second morning activity since we were rather early, not many visitors yet. The Under Water World is one of the coolest aquarium you can find in Langkawi, and also an option to visit when the weather is not favourable. It is located at Pantai Chenang next to the Zon Duty Free shopping mall.

Entrance fee is also about RM36 for Malaysian adult. The aquarium is well maintained and impressive with all the fishes, crabs, octopus (why am I so hungry..? Fish are friends, not food). Oh ya, they also have penguins feeding sessions at 11.30am and another session at 2.30pm, oh the penguins are so adorable.

Sea-bedded straws…haha..they are eels though

Well after the aquarium visit, we went straight to the duty free shop for shopping spree…wahaha..gimme all the chocolates!!

5) Durian Waterfall

After our lunch, we drove up north to visit the waterfall. Well, there weren’t any durians during our visit but I guess it gets its name due to the fact there are durian trees at the waterfall.

We climbed up the rock stairs and took us about 15 minutes before reaching the top. I always like the sound and the smell of tropical rain forest, though the weather was sunny hot but it was cooling and calm at the waterfall. The water is icy cold so I just dip my feet and did this!! Hahaha..

We stayed for about half an hour before climbing back downhill. There are other waterfalls which we didn’t get to visit, probably in our next trip?

6) Eagle Square (Dataran Lang)

Well this is a must for those visiting Langkawi for the first time. It’s definitely the iconic attraction that you should not miss clicking the camera button and pose an eagle pose like so. (Your visit doesn’t count without you posing with the eagle!!) Haha..

The Eagle square is near to the Kuah Jetty and the Billion Duty Free shopping mall. Guess what we do after visiting the square? Correct! Shop till we drop!!

7) Shopppingggg!!!

On our Day 1 here, we actually did a lot of shopping survey around town to find the best prices of Chocolates and Booze. That’s why our activities were rather little during that day. Here are some of the places you can go shop hunt your chocolates and liquor.

a) Langkawi Parade

This was recommended by our host and the duty free stuff are located at the ground floor. We did not buy them here but instead went for a movie at level 10 (the only cinema in the island) on our last night here.

b) Kuah town

This is where you can find a lot of shop houses offering good deals and promotion of chocolates and booze. But be aware of the expiry dates, if the prices are too good to be true then they probably are. Also, the town is rather quite on Fridays as it is their rest day – their Fridays are like our Sundays. (Yup!)

c) Zon Duty Free Shopping Mall

This one is located next to the Under Water World, other than chocolates and booze there are also kitchenware which are quite affordable! I personally found that chocolates here are almost priced the same as the ones in Kuah town or Langkawi Parade but I settled my heart here as their chocolates are fresher (longer expiry dates).

4) Bilion Duty Free Shop

This is another good place to buy chocolates and liquor. It’s just 10 minutes walking distance from Eagle Square. Their chocolates are fresh and has almost all the brands I was looking for.

Yummy Food that we had

On our first night arriving at our stay, we settled for some simple supper. About 10 minutes walking down the street from Shell Out Chalet, we had this local food stall where they also served western food. It turns out that their roti canai (Indian pan fried flat-bread) was really good! Above expectation!

Roti Tisu literally means Tissue Bread

The restaurant has not name but there’s a burger banner hanging at the front.

Smiling Buffalo

Try read them if you have really good eye sight

The next morning, we had breakfast here where we were told they brew the best coffee. Sad story was none of us ordered their coffee, instead we ordered big breakfast and a ham waffle.

As a local Malaysian, we find this restaurant rather touristy as we realise they also provide staying service for customers. Not highly recommended unless you are keen on trying their coffees are, but definitely a cosy and hippy kind of place which is insta-worthy.

Wan Thai Restaurant

This is definitely worth trying if you love Thai-cuisine. Three of us had about 5 dishes and it costs us less than RM120 (USD30). We had seafood tomyam, large omelette, mango salad, green curry chicken, and green vege.

The service was decent and crowd grew as the dining hour peaked, luckily we came early. This restaurant is located at Kuah town and it is definitely a convenient place for dinner after all the shopping in town.

Grand City Restaurant

We literally bumped into this Chinese hawker centre randomly as we have no idea where to eat while driving headless-ly around Kuah. To our surprise they have various choices of Chinese food here, we ordered Chicken Rice, Char Kuey Teow, Rojak, Curry noodles and some pastries (but so so only).

Highly recommend the Char Kuey Teow. We also brought our own liquor into the hawker centre to enjoy a sip or two.

Cactus cafe

It’s our last day here and this was recommended by our host for breakfast. It is operated by an Australian (my guess) lady boss and serve western breakfast and coffee. We had big breakfast again but this is much bigger than the one served in Smiling Buffalo.

Overall it’s good.

Going Home

Happy moments always end at a blink of eyes, the minute we realised it’s time for us to fly home and face reality. The overall costs of the trip were about RM1,000 (USD250), we had enjoyed ourselves and most importantly I have stocked up my whole year of happiness (chocolates) until my next trip!

That’s all for now..do check out my other posts and hopefully will keep posting more and share with you guys good food & itineraries.


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