My first Haidilao Hotpot experience

My first Haidilao Hotpot experience

Haidilao (海底捞) is not just your ordinary place for steamboat like the one next door, but Haidilao is all about eating steamboat with style and go home with an unforgettable experience!

Here, I am going to share with you my first experience having Haidilao (HDL) steamboat in Malaysia!

I first knew about HDL was when they opened their branches in Singapore. And through social media, my feed was flooded with all the videos talking about how good their services and all the extra experiences you can find in HDL.

Fast forward to Malaysia, I was over the moon when I knew that HDL is about to open its branches here!! Now there are six branches in Malaysia i.e. Sunway Velocity, Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion KL, Gurney Paragon Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, and IOI City Mall Putrajaya! [source]

Haidilao in One Utama

The funny thing about having HDL and well known to all is that you have to queue and wait for your turn. They even have an online queuing system! Check out how you can do it here. But that is the best part, where you find the extra services provided while you waiting, e.g. pedicure, free snacks, etc.

However, when I went to One Utama for HDL, it was when Malaysia is still able to contain its COVID-19 to only 22 cases. But there is awareness being done by the restaurant itself. We were greeted by the waitress with a temperature gun at our forehead and sanitizer to disinfect our palms.

The awesome part is that there was no queue!! Once it was assured we have no sign of feverish, we were given a seat IMMEDIATELY!! And that is awesome!

Our hot pot

We were offered our bags to be carried to our seats and then treated like king and queen! Once we settled down, our very own waiter offered us with aprons, bag cover, phone cover, appetizers before teaching us how to order through their “iPad”.

We ordered 4 quadrants pot and you must order the tomato-based soup! You can also order a clear-water based and make your own soup using the variety of sauces at the sauce-bar, where there are easily more than 12 types of sauces and dips. Well, it cost an extra RM8 (~US$2) per head for that and it includes unlimited pudding dessert too! For bottomless beverages that the waiters/waitresses will pour for you, that would be an extra RM5 (~US$1). So worthy!!

Here is what we ordered

Let the pictures tell you the yumminess of their food! They are all fresh and delicious! And the waiter at your table is happy to cook and prepare the food for you!

We asked our waiter to squeeze the shrimp paste on to the little soybean curds.

That’s is all I have for now. Be sure to check out my other eatery post here, travel posts here

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