Ho Kow Kopitiam is another restaurant you should try when you food hunt around Petaling Street. Hainan cuisine includes delicacies like pork chops, milk tea, and nicely brewed coffee.

However, to cater to Malaysian and tourists visiting Malaysia, Ho Kow Kopitiam offers other local delicacies like nasi lemak, chicken sliced hor fun, glutinous chicken rice, curry noodle, and etc..

This restaurant attracted my attention when it is always crowded with customers and the queue to enter this place is always long – an average of 30 minutes of waiting. This is no thanks to its “World Top Gourmet Award” in 2019 for the category for the Heritage Chinese Cuisine category.

The Menu

The Ho Kaw menu itself is authentic. It features an old newspaper except they are all food and beverage items. And they are all so real like you can eat it from the menu or probably you are just too hungry. 🙂

Our Visit

We were rather fortunate as there were no queues waiting in front of the restaurant! This was mainly due to the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak worldwide but was yet reaching a serious stage in Malaysia.

However, the restaurant was still crowded with customers enjoying their meals. Food was served quickly and the employees are working efficiently.

And this is what I have ordered for myself!! A curry chicken nasi lemak, a kaya & butter toast, and a glass of cooling milk tea. Yummy! One thing you can tell from the food they prepared is that it was cooked with passion and love. Flavors are rich and aromatic. The ingredients bring out the taste that gives you kicks to all your senses with a bang!

Be sure to check out this place and you definitely will not regret it! Click the link here to view the location on Google Maps!

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