3 Days 2 Nights itinerary in Busan, South Korea : Day 1

3 Days 2 Nights itinerary in Busan, South Korea : Day 1

In this post I am going to show you some of the things I did, places visited and awesome food to eat in Busan! My travel period was during end of June. Weather is slightly cooler than Malaysia, range from 18’C ~ 25’C.

I’m so lucky to have a school friend, who currently works in Korea, to bring and show me around!

Our transportation mode are mainly subway and rented car.

Getting to Busan

On my first day, I took the high speed rail train to Busan from Seoul station! Be aware if you spot any Zombies!! Run for your life! (In case you have not seen the movie, it’s called “Train to Busan”).

The whole journey took about 2.5 hours and the speed is real fast! It can go up to 210 km/h! I can be a little excited when comes to train. Haha..anyway if you have not tried riding the high speed train before, Korea is a good start.

Storing luggages

Storing luggage in Busan station is so convenient. As I arrived way earlier than my check-in time, I stored my luggage at Busan station so I can travel around the town lightly.

With ₩6,000 I took the largest compartment (the one most right corner) for about 12 hours. To my surprise, this machine operates by fingerprints verifications! So high tech!

Lunch at Seomyeon

In Busan, getting around using subway is so convenient. You can purchase a day pass with unlimited ride for just ₩5,000! So cheap!

My first stop is to feed myself with yummy local cuisine of course! Instead of Haeundae station, I got down at Seomyeon as I heard it’s a food paradise here.

Well true enough, only if I come at night..haha. With my hungry belly, I smell my way to this gorgeous place – called Oboteh (cant locate in Google Map but you can look for Namja Gopchang – it is a few shops next to Oboteh).

Well, I have no idea what they serve. But with the help of google translate app, I managed to order this yummy kimchi grilled-pork!

Within a set of ₩5,900 it comes with rice, soup, hotpot egg, unlimited banchan (side dish), and tea! So worth it! Thanks to my dog nose..hahha

1) Haeundae Beach

Next, I board the subway again and head to Haeundae station.

Haeundae beach has a wonderful panoramic view of the sea and high-rise buildings. During summer, many tourists will sunbathe, or simply relax by the beach with friends and family.

But if you wana get tanned, this is the best place. With the sunlight and the ocean breeze, I got so tanned just by staying less than an hour at the beach!!

2) Shinsegae Departmental Store

The next destination, I took the subway to Centum City station. This is where Shinsegae (New World) Department Store is located. It is one of the Guiness World record holder for the World Largest Store In 2009! Of course I wana see it!

The shopping to be done here is endless! Basically you can find almost anything under the sun here! It is so enormous that I almost got lost. Only if I had more time, I would love to try out their jimjilbang (steam room)! It’s a good place to relax and chill.

3) Samyeon district

Later that evening, I went to Samyeon district, where they claimed it is one of the food paradise in Busan, for dinner. There are tourist guides in red vest giving out food maps, recommending awesome restaurant and showing you the way to it.

As the sun sets, you will see rows of hawkers stalls brightens up the food streets, calling and inviting hungry man and woman to sit and enjoy their cookings. Food like grilled seafood, odeng and rolled- seaweed rice, oh the smell just come right at your face. Damn, the Koreans are so lucky!!


You must also not miss visiting Lotte Department store, the high-rise building where the hawkers are surrounding. It was an eye opener and if you are a tourist, you shop with a tax free price! (discounted from the price tag)

4) Supper : Pork soup rice

Finally, I met up with my buddy who came all the way from Seoul after work to spend the weekend in Busan with me! It has been almost a decade since we met the last time!

Then we went to get something to eat. And no other famous stuff than having a bowl of hot steamy pork soup with rice. One of their best in Busan.

That’s the end of Day 1, we checked in and rest for the next day.

Be sure to check out my Day 2 & Day 3 itinerary post ya!


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