3 Days 2 Nights itinerary in Busan, South Korea : Day 3 (Final)

3 Days 2 Nights itinerary in Busan, South Korea : Day 3 (Final)

Day 3 in Busan

Day 3 in Busan was rather short for us as we woke up pretty late in the morning, at around 10am.

We went for breakfast at the same bakery shop in Day 2 to try some other breads. Hahaha..

Jagalchi Fish Market & BIFF square

These were our last attractions to visit as my buddy had to catch his train back to Incheon in the evening around 5.30pm. So we were left about 7 hours to hang around.

Our first stop was Jagalchi Fish Market. Since we had returned our car, we took the subway to Jagalchi station.

In a very short description, this Market is the biggest, largest and the freshest fish market I have ever been for the past three-decades living my life on this planet earth. Hahha..

The fish market basically was divided in two sections, outdoor and indoor. Probably the outdoor is slightly cheaper, I am not sure as we had our seafood indulgence indoor.

Technically, rows and rows of fish mongers and ajuma are selling their seafood at the market. It was so huge is like a departmental store itself, but only selling sea products.

I know exactly I have arrived at the market when stepped foot in it, was when a lot of Ajuma were calling and luring you to buy their successful captured fresh seafood. You name them they got it, from fish, octopus, squid, crab, shells, prawns, sea urchin, eels and many more!!

Some species were even new to me!

There were just too much! Koreans are so lucky to be blessed with abundance of seafood products!

Me and my buddy walk and stroll along the alley outdoor and indoor deciding which stall to get our seafood for lunch.

We went indoor to survey and check out the market and they offered just as much as the outdoor market. So unbelievable!!

Be sure that you don’t wear fancy clothes or shoes when visiting Jagalchi market. You will be expecting to see wet floor, water everywhere and fresh fishes everywhere.

Then we decided to order from stall No. 10, we had mixture of seafood, we had a few kinds of shells, clams, scallops, live octopus, and abalones!

Once done selecting, we were led to the second floor to a designated table which belongs to the stall.

We have them all steamed coz they were so fresh that you can even eat them raw!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the bomb!!!

Each piece of shellfish meat is so mouthful! I have never tried scallops so monstrous that it filled my mouth! Overall, we spent about RM250 (₩70K) per person and it was totally worth it! Trust me!

Their charges are inclusive of table settings, seafood itself, cooking fee and soju.

BIFF square & Gukje Market

BIFF stands for Busan International Film Festival. This place was used to be popular where film festival is organised every year and it attracts a lot of korean fans to gather here to meet celebrities.

As time gone by, there might still have film festivals but it is now more accommodative for people to buy food and souvenirs! And that is what I am here for! (For the wrong reasons, my friend said)

Here, I bought some dried seafood, t-shirts, socks and other cute stuff so they can cheer me up when I would start missing Korea back in Malaysia.

Some other stuff you have to get in Korea

I was told these are some souvenirs you have to grab back as they are really good in terms of quality and for the price as tourist, you may even get tax-discount.

Their sesame oil (yellow one and the red one) and also toothpaste (try get the blue packaging).

You can get them at the Lotte Mall in Seomyeon. (Google Map)

That’s all for my Busan trip!! I will never regret coming here and I will definitely visit Busan again for their seafood.

Hopefully in my next trip I can try their Alaska King Crab and Octopus!! Also check out my Busan Itinerary Day 1 & Day 2 posts ya!


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