3 Days 2 Nights itinerary in Busan, South Korea : Day 2

3 Days 2 Nights itinerary in Busan, South Korea : Day 2

Busan Trip – Day 2

Second day in Busan!!

We stayed at a hotel called Hotel 2 Heaven near Beomnaegol subway station. The hotel is fully equipped with bathtub, 2 flat-screen tv, various-functionality toilet bowl.

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Light breakfast

Weather was not too warm, single t-shirt was bearable. We started our day for a light breakfast. We walked about 15 minutes towards Samyeon and we had breads at “Tous les Jours”. Korean bakery shops are always fascinating, not sure if it’s me or the pastries. They all look so yummy!!

Another famous franchise-bakery shop in Korea you might bump into is “Paris Baguette”. Their bread and pastries looks yummy too!

In Seoul, I also bumped into another bakery shop called “Peterpan 1978”. It caught my attention as the shop looks very korean-drama themed and their bread smells good too!

Real breakfast

After getting some bread energy, we marched our way and hit the subway to Jagalchi 자갈치 station. As I got to know from YouTube, a food street – Gukje Market – is a famous place for food in Busan! This is the station where the famous fish market is – will talk more about it below.

And so true, you can see ajuma-s cooking hot steamy food, luring you to indulge and I just loved seeing them cooking those happy food! In Busan, you must not miss eating their fish cakes delicacies – they are all so good!

Car collection

My friend rented a mini car to travel around Busan town as some of the attractions are not public-transport convenient.

Ya, that selfie-stick was used to hold our navigator…hahha..

1) Gamcheon Culture Village

Our next destination is to the infamous Gamcheon Culture Village. It can be described as the Asian Santorini where you can see layers and layers of villages spreading across the mountain slope, facing the sea.

Also, this village is covered and painted with the most creative artworks where tourists fight to take turns to pose for pictures as memory.

Along the way, there are many shop houses on both sides of the walkway. You can find souvenirs, food and other stuff you can buy. Aw..the view is just magnificent.

2) Haedong Yonggung Temple

Next, this temple is highly recommended although is a-bit far from town. Fortunately we rented ourselves a car so we are more flexible on the timing of visit.

At the entrance, we were already welcomed by the 12-Chinese zodiac signs and goddesses statues. This temple is unique itself as it was build at the edge facing the ocean.

This temple is claimed as the most beautiful temple in Korea!

As we walked towards the temple, windy breeze of the ocean swept across our face. Blue sky and wide ocean facing with golden statue of goddesses. What a miracle view!

3) Dinner at Oh Ban Zhang

After our visit at the temple, we had Korean BBQ for dinner! My favourite!! As this is the only one BBQ I had in Korea, I couldn’t compare if this is better or not. But definitely the food is super awesome!!

4) Gwangalli Beach & Gwangan Bridge View

Another stunning attraction to visit is the magnificent architectural bridge structure – Gwangan bridge and the night view.

Koreans are super proud of their expertise in bridge building. There is another heroic bridge across the Han River! I wrote about this in my Seoul post.

We called it a day as the sauna place we wished to go was not open that day.

Check out my day 3 post coming up where I visited the Jagalchi market! Here is a picture of my midnight snack. Cheerio~!!

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Cheers !!

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