B & Best Restaurant

B & Best Restaurant

B & Best is a place where they sell fresh fish and seafood noodles for breakfast and lunch. It is located in a shophouse near residential area. However, it has never failed to attract foodie from all over the place to enjoy their food here.

As I was on my facebook looking through nice places for breakfast, I found that this restaurant is so near me~! The key to its specialty is fresh seafood – they have various types of fish, clams and also fish cakes.

b best menu
Other additional sides you can add

After I got to know about this place, I went and try it! Here, I ordered grouper fish with scallop.

I also ordered their recommended fish cake, super springy and fresh too!

There is only one stall here but you can see everyone around would just order their noodles. So I was told the dry sauce noodle taste better than the soup. Well, it is good!

The fish is freshly prepared and the noodle is springy, and most importantly is its lard fragrant which enhances the taste of the noodle!! OMG!! My meal of grouper fish, added scallops with noodles, and their springy fish cake comes out to about RM35 (less than U$9) which I think is fair for such a freshly prepared fish and scallop when the sea is almost 40 km away!

Overall, really a good place for breakfast. And the crowd begins to form after 10 am towards noon. The restaurant opens at 7.30 am daily.

Head on and try it! I really recommend it! If you don’t trust me, the number of cars parked around this shop is the best prove. A picture says a thousand words, right?

B & Best Restaurant (Google Map)

Until next time peeps!! Cheers!!

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