Hoshino Coffee Midvalley KL

Hoshino Coffee Midvalley KL

Hoshino Coffee – a perfect place for a lazy afternoon – to both sweet tooth and lunch seekers. Apparently Hoshino is a Japanese famous coffee house in Japan serving awesome cooking skilled food.

I passed by this coffee house after one of my appointment in Mid Valley and saw this mouth-watering fake but really delicious setting from the outside.

Price are also labelled here

Without second thought, I walked in like I have come home.

At the entrance, I waited for a while before a waiter came and bring me to my seat. The ambiance is calm yet elegant. There are wooden separators with windows dividing customers that give customers privacy.

Here’s their menu

They offer drip-coffee which I think is a signature here, but I’m not a fan of coffee. Instead, I ordered a fruit tea. You can only refill the teapot once, but that’s alright for me.

So I started to wonder what is nice here and google around. Soufflé and pancakes are actually their specialties. Plus seafood pasta is also a must try according to a recommendation on the internet.

I was a little hungry so I ordered an omu curry rice and a pancake, and you know what? It was not your ordinary omu rice nor a normal pancake I was expecting.

They were awesome!!! Look how big is the omelette!!! So round, bouncy and omg!!

The minute I sliced it through, the egg just oozes out into the curry. To my surprise, the egg is sooooooo fluffffayyyy I’m gonna daaiiii!!! Dig a little bit of the omu, spread it on top some rice and the curry together – what next – stuff into your mouth and OMAGOSH!!!

It was so gooood!!! Never have I enjoyed an omu rice that much in ma life.

It was so good I have to show you my first bite

You should take your own sweet time enjoy the ambience with the food, spoon after spoon. It was my best day ever!

Moments after I had done my omu rice, the pancake is served.

The white stuff on top is not whipped cream, instead it’s whipped butter

On the outside, the pancake looks neat, well-cooked and presentation was perfect. Then I skidded the butter around the pancake surface, and drizzle maple syrup on top of it in zig-zag motion.

Then I poked my knife into the pancake and it’s so fluffy!! It is a cake form of a pancake!! If you get what I mean. You have to eat it with the maple syrup it taste so good!!

Overall, my experience in Hoshino Coffee is awesome and filled with surprises!! Although my bill came up to about RM65 (~U$16) but to me, the effort and skills put into all these dishes are totally worth it!!

This is the pasta page which I didn’t get to order, mayb next time?


Definitely gonna come again for some other choices of food. Make sure to check out my other eatery posts ya.

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